10 Insightful Quotes from Top Social Business Leaders

If you are searching for a comprehensive list of today’s social business leaders, then look no further than Michael Brito’s list titled, “Top 25 Social Business Leaders That Influence Me.” As you can see, Michael, Group Director at WCG, a W2O Group company, has created a “Who’s Who of forward thinkers” in the growing social business & enterprise 2.0 landscape. Over the past few years, “working” as we know it, has changed dramatically. Due to perpetual innovation in technology, workers are now consistently connected with their colleagues and their clients. That’s a good thing and should be embraced within every organization and company to help drive their business to new heights.Being transparent and connected authorizes everyone to share their voice and expertise on a topic or situation discussed within and beyond the company walls. It creates an all-inclusive culture that is bonded together by shared goals or outcomes.  A community is formed, where the exchanging of information allows members to learn new ideas and access a greater diversity of perspectives. Michael’s list inspired me to get to know more about and learn from these leaders. Their viewpoints on why becoming a social and collaborative organization, takes a deep look into what the future of work will look like and how it will get there.

In the spirit of sharing and collaborating, I decided to read large amount content created by the Top 10 leaders and offer some quotes that stood out to me. I also included their Twitter handles in case you wanted to follow them and get more of their thoughts on the future of business.

  1. Rawn Shah: @rawn – “One thought duality remains: the word ‘social’ itself will fade into the normal operation of business, and the processes themselves are changed without having to refer to it as a separate idea.”
  2. Dion Hinchcliffe: @dhinchcliffe – “..interaction and collaboration amongst employees is the very lifeblood of the typical businesses.“
  3. Sameer Patel: @SameerPatel – “I’m of the thinking that most leadership styles give too much credit to good idea origination and by extension, “strategy”. I’ve always intently focused on crediting execution in my leadership roles. If you have a good idea, use it. If you have a way to improve on someone else’s idea, use that. Either way, move fast to execution. Rewarding an execution culture is far more useful in my book.“
  4. Chelsi Nakano: @chelsi – “What you really want Social Business initiatives to accomplish is an effect on behavior and the forming of real connections. “
  5. Mark Yolton: @MarkYolton – “Know your audience and what they value…focus there .”
  6. Sandy Carter: @sandy_carter - “Employee engagement drives client engagement.”
  7. Olivier Blanchard: @thebrandbuilder – “Social is something you are, not something you do.”
  8. Haydn Shaughnessy: @haydn1701 – “Cloud and mobile (and also peer-to-peer networks) enable us to do miraculous things like move massive amounts of data around at the press of a button.”
  9. Matt Ridings: @techguerilla - “To achieve an environment of effective collaboration for example requires ensuring certain traits are in place along with meaningful motivators.”
  10. Maria Ogneva: @themaria – “Isn't a Social Business basically a connected business — when people connect to people, ideas, resources and business processes? If connectedness is the mark of today’s society, then isn't Social Business just good business?”

Which of these quotes stood out for you? Are there other quotes that you think need to be on the list? Let us know via Twitter  - @KabutoApp