A New Collaborative User Experience Has Arrived

Organizations today are focused on becoming more of a collaborative business. That requires tools and software applications that will help reach that goal. Luckily for them, Kabuto is here to offer a seamless and secure user experience.Ever worked with your colleagues on a file, sending updates back and forth with email? The email threads get longer and longer, which leads to frustration, confusion and then anger. Different versions of the file are everywhere and you don’t know which one to work on? Kabuto’s mission is to solve this challenge. Why don’t we communicate and collaborate in the same place we store our files?

Designed for mobile first, Kabuto combines the essential components of real-time messaging, task management, and secure cloud storage into a single and easy to use product. With email, the content is isolated and often taken out of context. As we all know if you have pleasant and memorable experiences with any product or service, you are more than likely to keep using said product.

Thinking about workflows, processes and time are factors that play a key role in how a business becomes innovative and collaborative. The user experience needs to break down the walls and connect employees with each other and with your customers at any time and location. Kabuto allows an open and transparent dialogue between employees globally, which will in turn make the work experience richer and more fulfilling for everyone involved. Take a look for yourself.