Are You Prepared for the Information On Demand Workflow?

Let’s face it. We want information and we want it now! Information provides us the ability to take action on a decision or adapt to any situation that you may find yourself in. No other tool in our recent lifetime has allowed us to consume the information we want, more so than the rise and proliferation of the smart-phone.A study analyzed by mobile technology consultant Tomi Ahonen and commissioned by Nokia, brought to life how integrated the smart phone has become in our culture. Here is a stat that stood out to, but did not surprise me. “In total, users check their smartphones an average of 150 times during a waking day of 16 hours, the research found.”  You know why that did not surprise me? That’s because I am one of the users that constantly checks their phone. My smart phone has become part of my fabric and when I don’t have it on me, I feel lost, vulnerable and unconnected. I can only imagine how people in business who are constantly on the road must feel if they forgot or lost their phone.

The anytime, anywhere workplace is knocking down the walls of the traditional workplace.  According to a Forrester study called, 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends, “..we characterize 29% of the global workforce as anytime, anywhere information workers -- those who use three or more devices, work from multiple locations, and use many apps. The is number has risen from 23% of the global workforce in 2011 and will continue to rise…” Even though the office walls are coming down, business processes and collaboration, can’t be compromised in today’s need to have it now attitude.

Information is great to have, but it how an organization shares and uses it with their colleagues is more important. The traditional process begins with getting all of the correct parties together in a room and work together (collaborate) on what appropriate steps to take. But what if you can’t get everyone together in that one room? Collaboration and team can still take place, but don’t you even dare say email. Email conversations can be taken out of context, are long, cluttered, and eventually fall into a situation where someone sends the wrong attachment that totally derails everyone’s train of thought.

Don’t limit yourself to that. The power of mobile and cloud is much powerful than just email. Why not collaborate in the same interface where you share your information? I’ll let that question sink in a minute. Here is an equation that I came up with to help you answer that:

Cloud + mobile + real-time messaging + collaboration + storage + security = Kabuto

Kabuto will change how people & organizations will create, share, and store content in a secure system. Technology has made us more and more efficient. I would advise you to take advantage of it and think outside the “box”. Find out how.