The Top 24 Tweets of the Opening Keynote at Dreamforce ’13

On November 19, 2013, Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO,, took the stage at Dreamforce ‘13 to deliver his opening keynote. As usual, he showed up with a lot of energy and flash. Did you see his shoes? They were “phenomenal.” Take a sip!As many of you know, there 135,000 registrants for the event.  Unfortunately I was not in attendance, but was able to see his keynote address via the livestream. I had the best seat in the house and I didn’t have to get in line an hour ahead of time. With my coffee in hand, laptop on my lap, I was ready to soak it all on. During the two hour extravagant and 80’s inspired keynote theme, there was a lot of “Chatter” in the Twittersphere. Instead of writing a full analysis of the opening keynote, I put a list together of the top 24 tweets that best captured the experience. Here there are:

  • "Collaboration is the ultimate revolution in the cloud #DF13" - @DetroitCityBiz
  • "Internet of Customers, Internet of Things, cloud, mobile - it's really about "connected" employees, partners, customers #df13" - @mfauscette
  • "Behind every device and tweet is a customer... Benioff Internet of Customers! #DF13" - @DaveMario
  • "1 to 1 customer relationships becoming more important with the so called Internet of customers." - @cmswire
  • "Summary of @saleforce #Dreamforce keynote: There is so much opportunity to improve customer service in every store and every product #DF13" - @alanlepo
  • "2/3rds of companies are unprepared for the social/mobile world. @Benioff" - @XtinaDunham:
  • "In future APIs give you access to everything" - Parker Harris #df13" - @zebonic
  • "Social and mobile is about the new lifestyle, not about technology. #DF13" - @ValaAfshar
  • "Every business in the world has to have an application. Sales, service, marketing, & customers all intertwined. #icmilive #df13" - @justinmrobbins
  • "Marketing is really important in the future." @parkerharris #df13 #jobsecurity" - @benkiker
  • "End users don't care about apps as "custom" or out of the box. They need something that works for their work. Period. #DF13" - @sellingtools
  • "Your platform is as good as it gets when it's run entirely on mobile - very true and the future of enterprise #DF13" - @baryshnikova
  • "Speed is the new currency of business #DF13" - @CRMFYI
  • "Move fast and be bold. Time to market and innovation is extremely important to success in biz today #DF13" - @kyleplacy
  • "The agility of the solution enables them to deliver business value" #df13" - @txcarolina17
  • "As an organization, you always need to be one step ahead and you can only do that by being close to your customers." @Philips #df13" - @LiveOps
  • "Mobile is a massive focus of keynotes #df13" - @cahaikes:
  • "It’s not enough to HAVE information. You need to be able to organize it, understand it, and act on it. #DF13 #salesforceLIVE" - @Mark_D_Slayton
  • "Innovative companies are those who respond to customers in the cloud, in social and in mobile.  #df13" - @newsrooms
  • "Technology has allowed your sales force to become a weapon at scale #df13" - @kyleplacy
  • "It's not about selling, it's about providing information. Engaging the customer #salestruth #df13 @Benioff keynote" - @toutapp
  • "The CMO will spend more on technology than the CIO by 2017 - @ScottDorsey via @Gartner_inc #df13 #keynote" @Paralee
  • "The smartphone has become the dashboard of our life #df13" @davidpwu
  • "Marketing is leading change in business to Internet of customers. Smartphone drove this revolution, giving us dashboard for our lives #DF13" @arati_k

Once you’ve glanced over the tweets, you will notice a motif of the keynote. Benioff repeatedly reminded us that we have entered a “Third Wave” of technology that is being driven by the cloud and mobile. This new wave of technology is fundamentally changing how data is created, shared and consumed. We at Kabuto couldn’t agree more. Welcome to the new era of collaboration.